Sunday, November 12, 2017


Winter is a hard season. The cold makes our muscles ache and the dampness gets into our bones. Having a hot tub is like having your own personal spa right in your backyard. Hot tubs provide many health benefits such as improving circulation and relieving muscle pain, or they can be a romantic getaway to a hot springs on a cold winter’s night. However, unless you buy a house with one already installed, they can be incredibly expensive, difficult to maintain, and even cause mould damage if not properly ventilated. But imagine a hot tub that you can pack up and take with you wherever you go! The genius inflatable hot tub is affordable, portable, and just as awesome.

Coleman is one of those companies that sound too good to be true, but their products have stood the test of time, and this hot tub is another brilliant invention in their repertoire. With such features as the Lay-Z massage system, rapid heating, and an integrated water filtration system, it is super easy to set up and use. In just about an hour you can have the whole thing inflated, filled, and ready to rumble. The package includes set up instructions, a DVD with set up and maintenance information, the heating system, an insulated cover, a filter, ground cloth, inflation hose, chemical floater, and a heavy duty repair patch.

COLEMAN HOT TUB mechanics are held inside a green capsule that sits on the ground beside the hot tub. The pump and heater make a very low hum, so that you can enjoy conversation while in the tub. The floor is cushioned and super comfortable to relax in. Another amazing feature of this hot tub is its massage system. The tub holds four adult persons at a time. Remember that a hot tub full of water is incredibly heavy (well over two thousands pounds without persons). For this reason we recommend setting up the hot tub on your grass. But don’t worry: it comes with an insulation blanket that lies on the ground between the grass and your hot tub, in an effort to retain heat. We recommend keeping the temperature set at 100 degrees Fahrenheit all the time.

If you are concerned about energy use or overheating, consider that the heater automatically shuts down after 72 hours. Be sure to check on the hot tub if you plan to use it later in the day, and to cover it when not in use.