Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How to Secure and Protect Your Business from the Inside Threat

Burglar alarms and digital security are all well and good for protecting your business from outside strangers. But what about the people inside your business, the ones that already have access to the inner workings? Whilst it would be paranoid to distrust every client and employee you work with, having some security methods in place to protect the odd scam artist or mole is important. Here are just a few measures worth considering in order to protect your business all the way to its core.

Limit sensitive data to specific trusted employees

Long-time employees who have proven their loyalty can often be trusted with all elements of your business. However, you shouldn’t go handing out passwords to financial details and codes to safes to new employees. Let your employees prove they can be trusted by slowly giving them more responsibility. If they exploit that power, then you know that they cannot be trusted with sensitive information.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How Small Businesses Can Grow via Event Participation

When you go to events such as open days, conferences, seminars and workshops, it enables you to understand more about the market and businesses that are at the events. You can also learn about the products or services they deliver and how they can help us. If you do not really understand what a business is all about, then there is a good chance that you will not be drawn to their products or services, and they will opt to buy from a business which portrays those aspects well. If you own a business which has products or services which can be shown off, then it could be a good idea to attend these types of events so that your business can take advantage of eager customers.

With these types of events, it is important that a business takes the right employees to ensure that their products get the most exposure, so that they can appeal to customers and financial investors alike. If the wrong employees are not chosen to go to these events, you are running a risk of your business not being allowed to reach its full potential to clients and customers. For example, if you run a business that specialises in bespoke furniture, then you would do well to send employees who have an in depth knowledge of the furniture, and who have appealing personalities. Also, it may help if the employees that you send have got appealing personalities and are not afraid to approach customers to talk about the products.